Top 8 Unique Bathroom Sink Ideas [Advantages and Disadvantages]

“Eight,” I hear you state. “She can’t possibly be severe. Isn’t really a sink simply a sink?” But of course, I am serious – and my customers are commonly frustrated when attempting to choose from the offered options. The fact is that selecting one can be a little bit overwhelming, yet only when you’re not exactly sure what you’re seeking. First, you should think about which space you are purchasing (master en collection, family members bathroom, powder room), who will use the space as well as how much space you have.

So before you avoid to select your new washroom sink, get a coffee, have a read then go out armed with the information you need to assist narrow down the very best choices for you and your area.

1. Top-mount Sink

Wayne Stewart Builder

Possibly one of the most generally utilized sink, a top-mount, or drop-in, sink is developed to rest on top of the counter, as the name recommends.

Normally speaking, most of the sink sits below the counter, with just the rim of it sitting on top of, and also noticeable above, the counter. The edge could be either extremely slim or a bit chunkier, like the one envisioned, depending upon the style you choose.

Advantages: Top-mount sinks are suitable for practically any kind of counter top material, including wood and laminate, as the cutout is entirely covered by the sink as well as therefore does not risk being harmed by water. They are additionally less expensive to install in a rock countertop, due to the fact that they do not need laborious polishing of the intermediary edges, similar to an undermount sink.

Disadvantages: You cannot clean water as well as spills straight from the counter right into the sink.

Great for: Sophisticated en suites and also minimal plans.

2. Undermount Sink


This rests beneath the counter. The rim of the sink is repaired to the underside of the counter top, in contrast to sitting on top of it.

Advantages: This creates a seamless, clean appearance, as much less of the real sink shows up. One more benefit is that water as well as spills can be wiped directly from the kitchen counter right into the sink with no blockage, making it a fantastic, easy-to-clean choice for family members washrooms.

Disadvantages: Undermounting a sink will typically just be possible with a solid-surface kitchen counter, such as stone, and also isn’t really suitable with a laminate, as it can not be secured as well against wetness. These sinks additionally have the tendency to cost more than top-mount ones.

Great for: Busy household washrooms.

3. Wall-mounted Sink

Daniel Ash Architects

This is repaired straight to the wall surface without needing to sit in or on a kitchen counter. It looks streamlined as well as offers a minimalist sensation to an area.

Advantages: A wall-mounted sink does not have any kind of closets listed below it, which saves money on room as well as leaves more visible flooring location, making the area feel bigger. For a wall-mounted sink to operate in your room, all the plumbing, including the waste, have to be placed inside the wall to have a tidy appearance.

Disadvantages: There is no storage area, and there is an absence of “landing” area as a result of the absence of a counter top. Consider your requirement for storage space in your bathroom prior to going with a wall-mounted sink and also possibly get it for the lavatory, where storage space isn’t really as crucial.

Helpful for: Little areas.

4. Stand Sink

If your preference is an easy wall-mounted sink, but your waste pipe has to go via the flooring as well as can’t be altered, then a stand sink is a fantastic option.

Advantages: The pedestal under the sink sits between the underside of the sink and also the floor, concealing any kind of pipework in between. A pedestal sink is likewise cosmetically pleasing and perfect if you wish to offer your bathroom a classic vibe.

Disadvantages: Once again, think about the fact that you won’t have any kind of storage area under the sink or any type of counter space around it. This option could also be a bit complicated to clean up about, as there is generally a space in between the wall surface and also the back of the pedestal (as visualized here).

Great for: Duration properties as well as conventional plans.

5. Semirecessed Sink

Grandwood by Zorzi

If your washroom or en suite has actually limited space, yet you would certainly still such as some vanity closets listed below your sink for storage space, after that a semirecessed alternative may be the service you need.

Advantages: A semirecessed sink rests happily at the front of closets as well as the counter top that it remains on, permitting you to have much shallower cabinets– maybe even as shallow as about 12 inches (300 millimeters), depending on the version you select. This maximizes beneficial flooring area. It also maintains a lot of the counter area complimentary for cosmetics and also other products. Just like a stand sink, this is an excellent option for children as well as people with limited flexibility, as you could get closer to the sink to reach the tap without the obstruction of a kitchen counter and also cupboards.

Disadvantages: The storage area underneath is limited. Also, since there isn’t any kind of counter top around the front of the sink to capture water, sprinkles as well as spills onto the flooring are more common, particularly in a home with kids.
Good for: Mini-me’s and model.

6. Washplane Sink

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Washplane sinks, usually spotted in smooth hotels and also dining establishment washrooms, are the most basic of the choices. They’re slim, structured as well as elegant.

Advantages: Washplane sinks occupy hardly any space, so they are fantastic in a space where room is limited, such as in a powder room. You can purchase one constructed from ceramic, porcelain or glass off the shelf. Additionally, a stonemason can make them in this style from granite, marble or syntheticed rock. They merely install a little stainless-steel trough under the sink to catch the water prior to it faces the waste pipe in the wall surface behind.

Disadvantages: Washplane sinks are best fit to the powder room, where the sink will certainly be used just for hand washing. They don’t included the alternative of having a plug, plus they are exceptionally superficial, so they’re not designed to hold water.
Helpful for: Powder rooms.

7. Vessel Sink


A vessel sink is one that usually sits totally on top of the counter top, although there are some designs that rest partially listed below the counter.

Advantages: Unlike most other sinks that are exposed over the counter a little or otherwise at all, vessel sinks demand interest as well as are a terrific method to produce a declaration in your washroom. As the name recommends, a vessel sink is basically like a huge dish, so it is an excellent selection if you like a deep sink that could hold a lot of water.

Disadvantages: As a result of the height of vessel sinks and also the method they rest over the counter, mindful preparation of the counter elevation, and of the elevation of the closets below, is called for to ensure that the sink does not end up being expensive and awkward to utilize – this usually causes less storage room under the counter. Cleaning up around the base and rear of the sink could also be a bit complicated.

Good for: En suite bathrooms.

8. All-in-one Sink and Kitchen Counter

C.P. Hart Bathrooms

Many off-the-shelf vanity closets that could be purchased from restroom supply stores provide an all-in-one countertop with a sink that rests on top. With this style, the sink itself is really molded as part of the counter top. It could be made from various materials, such as porcelain or acrylic.

Advantages: The main benefit is that it’s so simple to clean. There are no ridges or joints, so it’s extremely streamlined as well as a fantastic selection for active household shower rooms. These sinks are normally offered in set basic dimensions; nonetheless, some vendors might supply the option to have actually one custom made to the size that matches your room best.

Disadvantages: These all-in-one tops are usually designed so the countertop gradually slopes down as well as inward to produce a sink in the middle. This could lead to having less flat counter room to place things on than what you would certainly have had if you had actually opted for a top-mount sink sitting on top of a counter top, for instance.

Great for: Time-poor renovators, as well as those who should acquire something right off the rack and also don’t have time to await a personalized sink.

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